Evidence for Africa

Five international organizations convened in Cape Town, South Africa at the Global Evidence Summit with the theme of Using evidence. Improving lives. I worked with the organizers to encapsulate some key ideas from leading thinkers in the field of synthesized evidence. With footage shot on location we created a series of seven videos, this one focuses on the use of evidence in Africa.

Role: Camera, Writer, Editor

Make C diff Count

In 2018 the Peggy Lillis Foundation will launch a campaign to quantify the impact of Clostridium difficile infection in the United States.  C. diff is estimated to infect 500,000 people annually, causing 29,000 deaths. We created this video preview for their annual gala. With limited time and resources we used narration and footage from previous projects to generate interest and support for the campaign.

Role: Camera, Editor

New York State HIV Testing Guideline: Understanding the Updates

This series of excerpted clips is from a clinical education video describing the updated HIV testing algorithm in a way that medical providers can use in their practice. I worked together with the client to refine the script and discovered that instead of casting and shooting the case studies, we could repurpose footage from previous projects to illustrate test results and interpretations, thus saving money for their budget. I achieved even more value for the client by using our green screen studio time slot to record two additional short PSA-type videos on important health topics for New York State clinical professionals. One of these messages, Ending the Epidemic, can be seen at the link. 

Role: Producer, Director, Editor

Cochrane and WHO meet in Geneva

This video was recorded at the World Health Organization in Geneva and highlights the depth and breadth of an evolving partnership between WHO and Cochrane. Both organizations are global and have a common goal of ensuring the best evidence informs guidelines for the health of all of us. The warmth and passion of all the participants was a delight to work with. The main challenge was condensing complex processes and story lines into a coherent and digestible piece.

Role: Camera, Editor

Excerpts from HIV Prevention with Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis: A Primer for Pharmacists

This excerpt is from a course teaching New York State pharmacists about how to educate their patients on Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, or PrEP, an important tool in HIV prevention. The role of the patient called for a transgender woman and the client was committed to casting a local transgender actor. Garnet Rubio did an excellent job as did the entire cast and crew, including a make-up artist, Rashida Bolden, who had to step in very last minute as substitute. My role was the unflappable producer. To see the entire video presentation visit the CEI training page.

Role: Producer, Director, Casting, Editor

Setting an inclusive tone

I shot and edited a third eight-video training series for Consumers United for Evidence-based Healthcare to explore interpersonal dynamics on guideline panels between patients (consumers) and researchers, specialists and other clinicians. For this series they created scenarios based on real life experiences and we shot it with non-actors who in fact are consumer advocates, health researchers and doctors. It was amazing how ready the cast was to jump into roles they had in many cases not even seen yet. Additionally we shot on location at an international conference in Seoul, Korea – so most of us were jetlagged. The goal of the series is to prepare consumers for what to expect when they serve on a panel.

Role: Co-Director, Camera, Editor

Our own Soup Kitchen Community

I was honored when Trinity's Services and Food for the Homeless asked me to create this video series for them. The dedication of the volunteers and staff really impressed me on the day I spent shooting there and after as I worked the material. They used this video and four others in an online fundraising campaign that exceeded their goal. It’s great that they will be able to continue and expand the services they offer.

Role: Camera, Co-Writer, Editor

NIIC, Immigrants and the Economy

The last video in the series I created promoting the National Immigrant Integration Conference that was held in Brooklyn. This one focuses on the enormous contribution that immigrants make to the New York and national economy, especially through small businesses. Also, if you visit the LES (Lower East Side), you should check out Kottu House - it's tasty!

Role: Camera, Co-Writer, Editor